What does it means: SAP 360 Customer

Higher sales, higher quality of services and greater efficiency of marketing activities . SAP 360® Customer solution allows establishing and maintaining close relations with Clients, provides access to information and enables personalized Client service from any location and on any platform. Customers’ expectations of companies are rising. It is no longer enough simply to respond to customer problems. To offer a first-class customer experience, companies first need to understand their customers’ needs and preferences, and to better understand the social profile of their customers. This allows them to address their client base proactively, and offer a differentiated and personalized customer experience – which builds trust. - See more at: http://www.sap-investor.com/en/2012/quarter-4/sap-hana/sap-improves-customer-experience.html#sthash.xQqfkQTW.dpuf While CRM on HANA is a "key component" of 360 Customer, SAP is also planning to incorporate its Customer OnDemand application, Jam social networking software and "several" mobile applications, according to a statement. The company didn't provide pricing information or availability dates for the full 360 Customer package. SAP 360 ® Customer is based on SAP HANA platform and uses advanced technologies: in-memory processing, cloud computing and mobile solutions. With its innovative approach it allows companies to change the way they contact with Clients and extend the framework of traditional contacts management.

Real-time information: System allows direct access to Clients data, needs and preferences, making it possible to predict their future behavior. Such a comprehensive insight into real-time customer information uses current data from Clients interaction and trading systems. A key component of the SAP 360 Customer offering is the HANA-powered SAP CRM application. But SAP 360 Customer also brings together several different SAP offerings - including the SAP Customer OnDemand cloud offering, the SAP Jam social software platform and several mobile solutions. It also allows taking advantage of publicly available information from social networks. Access to large amounts of data in short time, significantly speeds up implementation of existing processes and facilitates decision-making – anywhere and on any device.

Real-time interaction: The ability to access data in real-time enables differentiated servicing by offering customized products tailored to the needs and wishes of individual Clients. Current use of inflowing information allows contacting the Client in appropriate time to solve problems in advance, or introduce new products and services. A term that connotes all of SAP’s activities in the area of cloud computing including software (cloud applications and solutions), technology, and services. It includes the SAP HANA Cloud platform on which SAP, partners, and customers are developing, accessing, and running an unlimited number of line-of-business applications from SAP and SuccessFactors, as well as the suite solutions SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One OnDemand.

Real-time implementation: Companies are able to immediately and comprehensively implement processes referring to Clients, thoroughly fulfill their obligations and provide Client Service in a way distinguishing the company from its competitors. Using industry best practices embedded in SAP solutions, companies can increase their efficiency and productivity. As a result, employees are able to better meet their sales, service and marketing targets.

The key element of SAP 360® Customer solution is SAP ® CRM application implemented on SAP HANA platform. It consists of other products and solutions based on a cloud, such as SAP ® CustomerOnDemand solution, SAP ® Jam social platform and several mobile solutions. The SAP 360 Customer Solution includes SAP products of which you are already familiar, such as SAP Sales OnDemand, plus others that we’ve just announced: such as SAP Jam, SAP Audience Discovery and Targeting, SAP Social OnDemand SAP CRM powered by SAP HANA, and more

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