SAP Fiori means new opportunities

Sap Fiori is the great opportunity to enterprises. Mobility and easy to use technology significantly streamlines business processes and allow to achieve benefits in a completely new areas. Therefore , SAP has developed SAP Fiori ™ tool . SAP Fiori ™ is a set of friendly-to-use applications that help support SAP® software using the same interfaces on computers, tablets and smartphones. Deliver a consumer-friendly experience to your enterprise software users with SAP Fiori, a collection of apps that support the most broadly and frequently used SAP software functions. Allow your employees to complete workflow approvals, information lookups, and self-service tasks – for an instant productivity boost.

Better and more comprehensive access to data and applications enables companies to gain greater staff efficiency , and hence – a greater return on their investment in SAP systems . By expanding the number of users participating in key business processes company achieve the same business objectives at a lower costs. With SAP Fiori ™ staff willingly and efficiently interpret data sourced from SAP systems , which results in much effective task accomplishment. SAP Fiori applications are available on the market, also in Poland.

SAP Fiori was developed by working closely with over 250 customers to understand the most commonly used business functions and ways in which the user experience for those functions could be improved and simplified. Early users of SAP Fiori have reported tremendous business benefits, including increased employee productivity and satisfaction, reduced work completion time and increased adoption of business processes. SAP Fiori mirrors familiar consumer online shopping and social media experiences. Instead of lengthy step-by-step printed instructions, users need almost no training to quickly gain access to their applications. Home page personalization allows them to display the applications they use most in their daily work. Users are presented with layers of consumable data such as missing time or outstanding customer invoices which they can prioritize and take action on. Easy-to-navigate screens designed for optimized mobile viewing help users find what they’re looking for and respond to requests quickly, as well as print and save data. Auto-entry saves time with repeatable tasks such as timesheets. Attachments and comments are easily opened for more detail on any process.

SAP Fiori is a collection of apps that can be used on mobile devices and desktops using browsers that support HTML5. SAP Fiori leverages responsive design, the concept of making apps sensitive to the form factor of devices with a single user interface. The SAP Fiori apps can be deployed in multiple ways; as a collection of apps with a single launchpad, as multiple Web apps, and they can be consumed from SAP or third-party portals. SAP Fiori can also be configured to give access to a sub-set of apps based on user roles.

The first release of SAP Fiori includes apps for the following four user roles: manager, employee, sales representative and purchasing agent. Some of the example apps are: approve leave requests, approve travel expenses, timesheet, paystubs, create sales orders, customer invoices and track purchase order.

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